Ben and Evan Play Boat

This is a rolling “boat” for our musical The Little Mermaid. To make it, we used a jigsaw, circle saw, chop saw, power drill, jigsaw, and paint.

Together we went through many aspects of design, and we put our heads together and figure out how we could get the best looking boat with the given material and it turned out awesome. We also put wheels on the bottom so the stage crew would be able to wheel it around back stage.

Planetarium by Lex, Sean and Roy

Our museum holds information about our solar system; the walls being displayed with all of the planets in our system and one fun fact about them. We also focus on the possibility of colonizing other planets by exploring space, mining at dangerous depths to find new informations of life. Funding all of this is the SpaceX program, Elon Musk created. Our design directly compliments space’s formlessness and randomness. Our Museum is located in the Nevada Desert where the black exterior walls of our building contrast the desert landscape. The desert is an ideal location to see a clear view of the stars. We hope that the people who come out to see our museum is excited about the upcoming future and advancements in technology.