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M Sie

Americans consume 400 million cups of coffee per day, equivalent to 146 billion cups of coffee per year, making the United States the leading consumer of coffee in the world.

My invention is a Cups holder. My idea comes from the store that sell drinks, when people buy drinks from the store, it’s hard for a person to hold more than 2 cups. So that’s how the cups holder will become useful.

The blue part is the holder where you put your hand in and hold everything, the brown parts are where you put cups in, with the bottom (orange parts) to give more support. 

Stephen Yan

In really life, when we are cooking, there’s a lot of problem about the spices and Condiments,  the spices can fall out by use the old container,  so I want to create a new kind of Condiment bottles.

When I saw the egg, I think I can make it to a empty container, so it can hold some stuffs.

In the beginning, I create a empty circle to hold things, and cute by the other circle, and I find it is hard to connect the two pieces, so I changed my design. I made a connector with the two piece, and a support in the middle.

My container has two place to put stuff, on the top of the cover it , it can put some pieces inside, and on the bottom part, it can put teas, spices, or salts in it.


mars’s final

Issue: Glasses drops have been a common problem for me, it always brings a lot of inconveniences and often affect my work and study. My glasses have some flaws in the design, the angle of its nose pads are not very good, so it often falls down.

Idea: Create an extra support in between my nose and glasses. The resistance between the support and my nose created by the unsmooth surface of the support helped hold my glasses in its position. Also, for the sake of having the support stay on my glasses, I put an additional pit on the other side of the support.                                                                                                                              

How does the idea address the issue: It’s a small stuff stand on nose and support glasses, so it’s basically solved my problem.

Squeezer-Evans Yang

Cause: Recently, I was annoyed by some toothpaste-shape things, such as toothpaste obviously, facial cleanser, hair wash, and so on… Last night, I was very tired, and I want to go to bed, and before I go to bed, and I am gonna wash face and clean teeth. When I was trying to squeeze the toothpaste and the face cleanser out of the containers, but actually, It is very hard, because I use these two things for a long time, and the liquid is all place at the end of the container. But the container is so hard that I can not squeeze, and it was a big waste.

Invention: First, I am going to design a hollow cuboid with a Hollow line, it is like a slideway. And the second part, I made a solid cuboid that is almost as big as the part of the hollow part of the holy cuboid, the reason why that I leave a small gap between two objects is because space has to be very small, so it can be able to squeeze.

Impact of the invention: Because I am a lazy person, so I really do not want to push so hard to get that small piece of toothpaste. And I think it is convenient and creative.