K. DeRosa – Revised Concept


INVENTION: A devise that measures and adjusts personal levels of happiness.  When the levels are low (when a person is sad/upset) the device sends out a frequency to adjust the levels making them happier.

Behind the ear device that emits HYPOTHALAMUS which is a stimulus that is safe and goes to the part of the brain that controls emotions.



KjDR Proposal

the main idea for this bracelet is to raise awareness for human trafficking. Although some people know  it happens, they don’t realize just how real it is because they  don’t know how many women and children are being trafficked. So this bracelet will serve as a constant reminder. More than 18,000 total cases have been reported in the last eight years.  Out of 20.9 million victims trafficked, 5.5 million are children. Human trafficking is world wide and can happen to anyone. I want people to be aware and not forget. I want them to help and join the fight to help stop human trafficking. image

Sprint Runner Museum

In our museum we are shaping it as if you were looking at an Olympic track from a birds eye view. As our center point we are using the Olympic runner Oscar Pistorius. We are placing the museum in South Africa as it is a place of a bad economy and it is the same place which the runner is from. This will help this area financially and have a reason behind it.


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