Ethan VM- New invention proposal

1. Have you ever been standing in a lake and you’re legs are warm but the rest of your body that is out of the water is cold? Have you ever been in the water but you’re torn between staying in the water or going on land to the fire?

2. My invention proposal is a fire pit that can float in water. No one sells and produces this kind of product that would go along in a lake. The price would be expensive as only a group of 10 people would only buy 1 or 2. Practically 100% of all those who like lakes, like a campfire as well… why not both.

3. This addresses the problem as you can still enjoy the water while enjoying the aspects of a fire. This is great for a relaxing night as you can look up at the stars in the water and still have the nice accessibility of a cup-holder and the warmth of a fire as well.



Ethan VM Final Project Proposal

My final Project Proposal

1. Have you ever been tubing behind a boat and wanted more control. Some people would like to have the boat sling you around but why not you have the control.
2. My invention would be a maneuverable tube which you the passenger can steer the tube and catch sick air effortlessly.
3. This invention addressees the cause by not only being able to have all the control, except for the exact speed you are going, and having fun doing it.
In the last three years tubing injuries have jumped by 250%. The reason for this is not having control of where you go, when your being slung around in a tube. Having control of the tube will cause less injuries in a padded environment while still having fun.


Sprint Runner Museum

In our museum we are shaping it as if you were looking at an Olympic track from a birds eye view. As our center point we are using the Olympic runner Oscar Pistorius. We are placing the museum in South Africa as it is a place of a bad economy and it is the same place which the runner is from. This will help this area financially and have a reason behind it.


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