R. Bruffy – 3D Prototype 1

Initial 3d model using plastic filament as print material on the MakerBot.  Fuselage turned out great.  Makerbot autoscaled the .stl file as I originally worked in Autocad using architectural units on a model that was several feet in size.  The wings were not scaled proportionally so I’m working through the math to accurately resize the wings so that they fit in the printed fuselage.


The Rapcity Museum By A. Puente and R. Bruffy


photo 4


photo 3


photo 2

photo 1

Location: Compton, California

What it holds(design): It portrays the origins and history of musical culture of rap and hip hop. As well as the techniques demonstrated.

The impact on the people: It will cause people to appreciate rap and hip hop music more because it will give people a better understanding of its origins and how people express themselves through it. As well as give upcoming rappers motivation to chase their dreams and to be inspired by rappers of the past and today.

RB Final Project

Air Filter U.A.V

1) 30 billion metric tons of CO2 is released into the atmosphere each year and growing rapidly. This causes Ozone layer depletion and health problems for all land animals on earth.

2)  Air Filter U.A.V

3) It will clean the atmosphere by filtering out unnecessary green house gases. Which will make air clean and more breathable around the world and fix the ozone layer.photo