L. Garcia – Revised Concept


I’m changing up the purpose of the machine, and making it more practical and reasonable. The machine will no longer replicate stuff or anything, but will rather hold pots, pans, plates, cups, or any other kitchen utensil in it’s belly. The machine will look like a regular appliance so that it fits in with any kitchen set up, without looking too out of place. It will work on electricity and be programmed to do its job.

One would take a pan, place it in the indentation where the pan best fits, and the machine will lift it down and store it in a file or folder you have with pots and pans. These “folders” can contain a variety of pots and pans you use on a regular basis, or a folder that has the necessary sizes of pans for a particular recipe you make. The item is later retrieved by using the button, the dial, and the screen at the top of the machine. The button when pushed 3 times is started up, once is for waking from sleep mode after a period of being on but not in use, and 3 more presses turn it off. The dial lets you select folders which you have created with your pans, and with 1 button press it is retrieved. The user can have multiple items brought up at once by specifying how many items are needed. that being said, a number of items can be brought up at the same time. the antenna at the top is to be used like a bluetooth device. If you are not in the kitchen or a nearby room, you can use your phone or tablet to activate the machine, and to do your item selection. This can benefit the user by having the items already loaded up by the time they get to appliance.
I feel like this is a much better idea than my previous one, and it seems more practical and realistic.

© 2015 Luis Grande

L. Garcia – Final Project

Cause- World Hunger (some statistics).
 nearly 1 million malnourished children die every year because of lack of proper food.
 17 million people suffer from severe acute malnutrition, a deadly condition if not treated.
 every 1 in 6 american faces hunger on the daily.
Invention- I want to create a machine that looks like an oven and uses electrical power to create food. It uses protons and particular atoms in the very air itself to create meals.
How it helps- This machine could very easily cure world hunger, and keep every nation’s economy in shape. This machine could stop the useless loss of life due to lack of resources. Both food and water, the essential nutrients for human life created by this machine, thus eliminating the threat of world hunger.
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