Alvaro’s Final Project Proposal

Although facial tissue sales are the lowest in the tissue market (approx. 6% of sales), overall tissue sales have been rising in the U.S. since 2014 and has slightly seen sales in Canada, Western Europe, and Japan. Now you may be wondering, why are facial tissue sales low despite their high demand? Well, most tissue users would agree that tissue papers can be quite a nuisance to carry around as it wastes space in their pockets, bags, purses, etc. Well, what if you could carry your tissues without wasting space? Now, there’s a solution, introducing the Portable Tissue Holder. The Portable Tissue Holder allows you to insert your small tissue bags into the box and conveniently place it onto your belt strap, shirt pocket, bag, and more! Just simply place the bag into the box and grab em’ simple as that! Now you won’t have to waste space or carry those huge tissue boxes with you (you know what I’m talking to my fellow allergy suffers!) now that you can easily carry your tissues with you! The Portable Tissue Holder comes with many designs that kids and adults alike can enjoy. Now, drop the box of tissues and grab yourself a Portable Tissue Holder! (If it were to hit production, maybe someday!)Portable Tissue Holder IMG_0321