JH Final

Issue: Roughly 600,000 consumer basketball hoops are sold each year.  When you have small pieces of garbage at your desk and want to throw them out, but the garbage can is too far away.  Sometimes at the office you can get bored and want to have a little fun and this will contribute to that.

Concept: I constructed a small basketball hoop attached to a garbage can.  You can leave it at your desk and leave garbage in it as well.

Impact: This is a fun way to throw trash out and will help clean up the office.

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 8.34.42 AM

On my first attempt the hoop was too small.  It was very hard to make a shot so I decided to make it bigger.Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 8.33.05 AM

After I made the hoop bigger, the one pole couldn’t support the backboard and the hoop, and it would fall over.  I decided to add more supports.Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 8.28.10 AM

This was my final product, and it works well.  I am sure that it would sell.

Basketball hoop pic

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Custom Ping Pong

Ping Pong

This is a class where students can come to play ping pong.  Three full ping pong tables are set up for games.  Three ping pong tables with one side folded up are on the side wall to warm up on and practice.  In between the tables are smaller tables with baskets of ping pong balls.  This is a class to further your ping pong skills while having fun.  There is also a whiteboard if instruction is needed and to put brackets on.