MH custom car



Original car: Volkswagen Passat

Inspiration: Indian glassy fish

Customized car: I was inspired by the transparency and shape of the fish. I altered the shape of the car to make it look fish-like, and I also inserted a scale pattern to certain parts of the car to show that every other part of the car is transparent.


JL Custom Car

Jl-Car 1

Original Version of Honda Civic 2007.


Inspiration-Snowflake shaped Diamond

Jl-Car 2

Revised version of Honda Civic 2018.

Explanation: First, I created a model of Honda Civic 2007 , which is one of the car I want to ride. Furthermore, I wanted to create something new from this car, and I was inspired by the image of a Diamond accessory that looked like a snowflake. The car that I transformed is Honda Civic 2018, which will be economically beneficial and nature-friendly. The gas lid (covered with crystals) will absorb the solar energy and turn polluted air into oxygen through spinning wheels, that are invented through scientific studies.