BL & BS Final

Issue: To find a cheaper and lighter way to get a drone in the air for surveillance. Drones have increasingly become more popular by becoming cheaper and smaller. The military has been using drones since the Vietnam War –

“A Lightning Bug drone used during the Vietnam War- one of the first drones used for surveillance by the U.S. Air Force.”

But now they have made there way into every day use.  There is still the problem of size.  The government has to make new laws to accommodate for these bigger drones in the public.  In order to avoid these laws and dangers that ensue if they aren’t followed you make safer, smaller, and lighter drones. Since the FAA started registering drones over 181,000 drones have been registered.

Concept: A 3-D printed drone with minimal cost due to purchases.

Impact: A cheaper and lighter way to allow people to fly drones. The government won’t have to regulate these drones because they’re small and compact and won’t damage any property. People crash their expensive drones all the time and they crack and break and then what?  Well we found a way to be able to reprint the parts that are damaged. It is cost effective and less heart breaking.


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