2017 M.Wu

Ancients used to think that human’s life should be divided into two parts–day and night. Not only according to the movement of sun and earth, one of the crucial difference between the life of day and night is in our sleeping. According to the statistics, a common person needs to spend half of their life in sleeping. In another saying, dream dominated 1/2 of our life.

Following the advance of technology, our life quality during the day had been largely improved by the abundance of physical material brought by Industrial evolution. Now, maybe it’s time to flourish and mental life of the dream. By imposing various stimulations, we can, in some degree, control our dream.

The process of the dream is so complicated that it had been plausible for the contemporary level of science to even glimpse to that goal. However, the progress of science sometimes exceeds your imagination. One of the experiment demonstrated a discovery of the “lucid dream”, or in other saying, “conscious dream”. Some subjects had reported a phenomenon that they realized they are dreaming. In that case, the subject will be able to change or even manipulate their dream by their own willingness.

By putting that discovery in practical usage, I contrite an idea–why can’t we invent a device that induces people into “lucid dream”?

That concept is not totally new for us. In 2012, a company claiming that their products could help people enter lucid dream step into the market. However, the criticism finally defeats the confidence of their investors. The fund was retrieved and the whole project was canceled.

The main skeptic came from some neurologists worrying about the accuracy of predicting sleeping patterns. It would be hard for us to determine which phase we are in without professional appliances.

Our product will overcome these. We would not only use optical stimulation. Smell and acoustic spurring had been proved to have the tremendous effect on our sleeping quality and the content of the dream. If we can associate our design with science, maybe we can create a controllable dream experience.

One of the accessories of our product is a set of the earphone. There had been all kinds of audios on the internet claimed that they could facilitate you to sleep better. Even some extravagant, but maybe we can also utilize some “scent bags” inserted at the end of the mask to stimulate our sense of the dream.