Nico C Final

I want to get people more fit, while saving on money. The average amount of money spent on gas in the United States is around $2,000 yearly. (This is different for different states. This is the national average) The United States of America is also the fattest country in the world. I’ve come up with an idea to travel around while saving gas, and getting fit.

I plan on creating a single wheeled unicycle that the user sits within. It will work just like a bike, but the inner wheel will be gyroscopic, and separate from the rest of the wheel. To power the wheel, you will have to pedal the pedals with the assistance of a motor by the gears. A big chain going throughout the gear-bearing wheel will turn it.

My invention is going to save people a lot of money, while getting them in shape at the same time.


First, I started with a cool idea for travel, because I personally thought cars were too boring. Not just that, but they tend to be an inconvenience for one’s wallet.


The steps played out on the board was my brainstorm process, and later down in the blog post, I have my idea turned into a 3D sketch. Unfortunately, when printed out, it didn’t work too well. The gyroscopic geared bearing printed out as 1 big block. ( That is our 3D printers’ fault.)




Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 2.34.04 PM