Aidan M Final Project

Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 2.52.59 PMScreen Shot 2017-01-17 at 2.54.35 PM

The two images above are the devices my invention. The top one is the device that collects the kinetic energy. There will be a wire in between and the second piece will transfer it to electrical energy to charge devices.


The original sketch and idea of where my invention would go.IMG_1631

This is my final model of what it would potentially look like.IMG_1632

This is my first rapid prototype, but didn’t work.IMG_1634

This is my final on the shoe. The plan is to have a different adhesive and to make it flatter, but for my model this is what it looks like.


Issue you will address and why (include persuasive statistics)
The issue is there isn’t a way to create kinetic energy that can be transferred to electrical energy for your phone, that can be as simple as a small accessory on the heel of your foot and bottom of your sole. I want to address this issue because I wanted a simple way to create energy that involves an accessory to the shoe.
Invention you propose to address the issue
I plan to create a model to address this. My invention will be simple to be attached to the back of your shoe and as you walk, jog, run, or play and create kinetic energy, you will make electrical energy that can charge your phone or other small tasks similar to that.
Impact you intend your invention to have
I intend my invention to have the impact of being of being a smart, simple, and easy way to create energy. If this can go on the back of someone’s shoe and have no impact on themselves whatsoever fashionable, it’s just convenient to have a way to use energy. If you forget to charge your phone or need to plug in your laptop, walking for one day is sufficient enough to get a charge.