Final design

Final screeshotAnything moving today probably requires something to spin. Bearings today are too complicated and requires well polished balls which can get expensive and don’t bear weight well. The ball will just roll out unless super strong retention wall are made, but that would drive up the cost and that’s not a thing that helps. Even then there is still the problem of friction which will reduce the speed of the bearing until it stops and there will be resistance when you try to spin it again.

I propose that a simple levitation bearing be designed. To allow levitation only three magnets are needed. Two repelling magnets and one in the middle that floats between the two. With this basic design there will be one point of contact keeping the magnets in place. If more magnets are added then the point of constant will become smaller until it eventually will completely levitate. Once complete levitation if achieved then friction will basically disappear allowing for smooth and effortless rotation. The levitation bearing can significantly improve the efficacy of high performance objects like car engines, skateboards, electric vehicles and anything else that could benefit from a bearing with virtually zero friction.