matt borowski final

In America especially around new year a lot of people are working outThere are over 153,000 health club facilities worldwide. Gyms in the United States make up just 20 percent of that total. Around the globe, health clubs serve a staggering 131.7 million members. One common concern for athletes and regular people that workout is getting thirsty when working out. New workout machines like olipticals have bottle holders so you don’t have to stop mid workout to get some gatorade or water. Now the problem is maintaining your pace and being able to push yourselves through the workout. Normally you consume as much beverage as you can but wind up getting cramps making you stop your workout. But don’t stop now! This new invention only limits you to drink one mouthful of your beverage letting you not get cramps, making you feel that bur and making you enjoy your workout.

The Swift Blade Case- Josh Borduin

What was the issue: Most people are unable to defend themselves against attackers while with their phone.

Some statistics: On average 91% of people carry a cell phone.

In the United States, their were 10,280,000 reported cases of robbery last year.

What is the solution: The solution is a knife in the phone case with a button for easy access.

What was my inspiration: I feel like I need to carry a knife sometimes depending on where I go. And with this, you can have it with you all of the time.

How does it address the issue: This will allow the people facing their attacker to have the chance to fight off the attacker with a knife in their phone case.

Trevor and Mike Eraser Final Project

The issue needed to fix: It takes to long to wipe a whiteboard with an eraser and there should be a faster way.

Statistics around the problem:

There are about 247,000 schools in the United States.  Let’s say the average school has 50 whiteboards and each full erase of the board takes 57 seconds.  If everyone wiped at the same time that would take up 8147 days in total time.  That could be used for something greater.

Solution:  A long eraser that can erase the whole board in one or two wipes.


This was the original design.  It was thought of after someone went to go erase the whiteboard.


This new eraser lowered the time to erase a full whiteboard from 57 seconds to 25 seconds (when it works right).  With this reduced time it would lower the time from 8147 days to 3573 days.


Find My Glasses invention -JL

My invention is “Find My Glasses” and its purpose is a new form of glasses that will have a tracking chip installed to the inner rear of the glasses that will help you find them easier.  I made this invention because people with bad vision can’t see without their glasses and will most likely have trouble finding their glasses with their blurry vision so I made this invention to help them find their glasses easier.

Inspiration: One day I was rushing on my way to school and I couldn’t find my glasses. And since my vision was so blurry and unclear, it was extremely difficult to find my glasses and I unfortunately ran out of time and had to leave without them. So while I was on the bus, I was looking at my phone and I saw an app called “Find My iphone” which is an app made to help you find your phone when you can’t on your own. So I thought to myself ” I wish there was something that could help my find my glasses.” and I got my idea and went from there.

Double Decker Dish



My invention is a container that can put nuts, melon seeds or other snacks without making any trash out of the container. Before I make this invention, I was struggling with what to make because I have no idea of what to do. I even made another invention which is the folding bed before this but sadly it didn’t succeed. I like to eat nuts and melon seeds while I’m watching TV. But it’s not that expedient when I’m lying on the sofa or bed and too lazy to move. Not only me but a lot of Chinese people likes to eat cooked melon seeds, peanuts, and other nuts while they are talking, watching TV, and So this container is a lot more convenient for them to put these snacks. The foundation is for them to put the shell, shuck, or trash. So it’s more convenient for them while they are watching movies or dramas.


These are the two printed productions.

I also met some problems when I’m making it. I didn’t make a hole on the saucer on Tinkercad so I have to drill a hole on it but I drilled through the saucer ahh… so sad.

I still have to use the sandpaper to grind the stick because it’s not plugging into the foundation.

It somehow worked… I’m really trying my best

Wow, I actually did it…Although it is not really the way I expected, meh, it’s just fine.

I think I will try to make another one someday. I should longer the stick in the middle and make a hole directly on the saucer. Well, at least it’s not bad. Hope the people that like to eat nuts and chips would enjoy this container. 🙂

C Boonstra – Final

Issue/Need: A common problem for people who ride dirt bikes or such other motorcycles comes with popping a tube inside your tire, and or changing your tires in general. When the time comes to change the tire or tube whomever needs to do so has to with agony. I am yet to meet a rider who actually enjoys going through the struggle of doing so. Over time the tire can get dry rotted or hard to change, as it is hard to get off of the rim and to work with.

Brainstorm: This idea occurred to me one day after I had popped the tube in my rear tire one day, and was having a hard time getting the tire to stay in one position to get the tube out and the new one in. So my solution would be a board around 3×3 ft. with a post through the middle that would go through the hub on the tire where the axle would normally go. There would also be an adjuster on the corner so you can adjust the size from a  21″ rim to a 18″ rim, the standard size for dirt bike rims.

Solution: It addresses the issue for the common problem for riders of changing tires and tubes by making it simpler and easier, so it can save you time and effort to get them back on the trails or on the track faster. Also, it faces the common problem of getting to putting the new tube in, and it happens to pop in the process, for it would solve that from not happening any more.