Trevor and Mike Eraser Final Project

The issue needed to fix: It takes to long to wipe a whiteboard with an eraser and there should be a faster way.

Statistics around the problem:

There are about 247,000 schools in the United States.  Let’s say the average school has 50 whiteboards and each full erase of the board takes 57 seconds.  If everyone wiped at the same time that would take up 8147 days in total time.  That could be used for something greater.

Solution:  A long eraser that can erase the whole board in one or two wipes.


This was the original design.  It was thought of after someone went to go erase the whiteboard.


This new eraser lowered the time to erase a full whiteboard from 57 seconds to 25 seconds (when it works right).  With this reduced time it would lower the time from 8147 days to 3573 days.