C Boonstra – Final

Issue/Need: A common problem for people who ride dirt bikes or such other motorcycles comes with popping a tube inside your tire, and or changing your tires in general. When the time comes to change the tire or tube whomever needs to do so has to with agony. I am yet to meet a rider who actually enjoys going through the struggle of doing so. Over time the tire can get dry rotted or hard to change, as it is hard to get off of the rim and to work with.

Brainstorm: This idea occurred to me one day after I had popped the tube in my rear tire one day, and was having a hard time getting the tire to stay in one position to get the tube out and the new one in. So my solution would be a board around 3×3 ft. with a post through the middle that would go through the hub on the tire where the axle would normally go. There would also be an adjuster on the corner so you can adjust the size from a  21″ rim to a 18″ rim, the standard size for dirt bike rims.

Solution: It addresses the issue for the common problem for riders of changing tires and tubes by making it simpler and easier, so it can save you time and effort to get them back on the trails or on the track faster. Also, it faces the common problem of getting to putting the new tube in, and it happens to pop in the process, for it would solve that from not happening any more.