Find My Glasses invention -JL

My invention is “Find My Glasses” and its purpose is a new form of glasses that will have a tracking chip installed to the inner rear of the glasses that will help you find them easier.  I made this invention because people with bad vision can’t see without their glasses and will most likely have trouble finding their glasses with their blurry vision so I made this invention to help them find their glasses easier.

Inspiration: One day I was rushing on my way to school and I couldn’t find my glasses. And since my vision was so blurry and unclear, it was extremely difficult to find my glasses and I unfortunately ran out of time and had to leave without them. So while I was on the bus, I was looking at my phone and I saw an app called “Find My iphone” which is an app made to help you find your phone when you can’t on your own. So I thought to myself ” I wish there was something that could help my find my glasses.” and I got my idea and went from there.