Double Decker Dish



My invention is a container that can put nuts, melon seeds or other snacks without making any trash out of the container. Before I make this invention, I was struggling with what to make because I have no idea of what to do. I even made another invention which is the folding bed before this but sadly it didn’t succeed. I like to eat nuts and melon seeds while I’m watching TV. But it’s not that expedient when I’m lying on the sofa or bed and too lazy to move. Not only me but a lot of Chinese people likes to eat cooked melon seeds, peanuts, and other nuts while they are talking, watching TV, and So this container is a lot more convenient for them to put these snacks. The foundation is for them to put the shell, shuck, or trash. So it’s more convenient for them while they are watching movies or dramas.


These are the two printed productions.

I also met some problems when I’m making it. I didn’t make a hole on the saucer on Tinkercad so I have to drill a hole on it but I drilled through the saucer ahh… so sad.

I still have to use the sandpaper to grind the stick because it’s not plugging into the foundation.

It somehow worked… I’m really trying my best

Wow, I actually did it…Although it is not really the way I expected, meh, it’s just fine.

I think I will try to make another one someday. I should longer the stick in the middle and make a hole directly on the saucer. Well, at least it’s not bad. Hope the people that like to eat nuts and chips would enjoy this container. 🙂