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  1. ha detto:10 Axel (Kingdom Hearts saga)9 Jet (Tron 2.0)8 Nero (DMC4)7 The Prince (Prince of Persia sands saga)6 Alistair (Dragon Age Origins)5 Garrett (thief saga)4 Dante (DMC saga)3 Nameless Hero (gothic saga 4 escluso)2 Sam Fisher (splinter cell saga) 1 Geralt di Rivia (The Witcher saga)

  2. i’m a little disappointed with the bleach figures, but partly because every time i click to look at some trading figures of one of my fav shonen titles i’m hoping to see something on par with the valkyre profile figures:Pyou can make this section as ugly as you want btw its still one of fav parts of HD.

  3. She should not quit! She is a winner no matter what. I am amazed at the news and all the articles dismissing her. The media has declared Obama the winner and we can’t change that. But we can speak up that she must stay in the race – the last thing we need in the womens movement is to allow them to call her a quiter. The senior women deserve to vote for a woman and there are a lot of them in WV and KY! They have waited their whole live to vote for a woman! Hillary gives us all the courage we need to do whatever we want to.Another great blog!

  4. Ho iniziato ad assumerlo regolarmente… E’ FANTASTICOOOO!Venerdì scorso ho avuto un momento di forte arrabbiatura al lavoro. Ero talmente tesa che quasi faticavo a respirare.Di solito anche se l’incavolatura mi passa, i muscoli rimangono contratti fino a sera.Dopo averlo assunto, nel giro di 15 min ho sentito i muscoli addominali rilassarsi e anche il respiro fluire più tranquillamente.

  5. Ramona Ciobanu / Isus e Iubirea ce nu are Sfarsit dar in acelasi timp Strainul, Necunoscutul, Ciudatul dar totusi in acelasi timp El e Salvatorul,Vindecatorul,Elberatorul de fapt EL E TOTUL- indepartandu-ne de noi insine pentru a gasi TOTUL in El, in permanenta si pentru todeauna!!! -EL E CENTRUL, SENSUL adica EL e TOTUL!!!!!:)p.s Flaviu de dragu’ tau am raspuns!:) Imi place ce faci!! Felicitari!

  6. Regardless of her motives – regardless of whethers she cares or not (or any journalist for that matter). The question is still worth raising: “Why haven’t our representatives read that bill before signing it?”I suspect that question will still be raised in the weeks to come…and still ignored. I sat down with my new mortgage contract two nights ago while sipping my coffee. Read every word of it – made some highlights and marks, and new I needed to make some calls. Why can’t someone who represents 500,000 people per district care enough?

  7. So funny, so true…I kind of like the fact that: "This really big moment in my career remained caught up with the mundane details of my workaday life. I am certain I was tucked up in bed by 10.30pm, ready for the next day in the office." (Even if it sounds like an ABBA song). But then I don't think I'd really enjoy a champagne lifestyle.Anyway hang in there. After 20 years and 60 books I get the occasional bunch of flowers and last year (gasp) a bottle of whiskey!

  8. Ola , amei ler vida e saúde,,saber dos valores das verduras e frutas na vida do ser humano. Eu tenho uma mine orta com verduras e chás, amo verduras nas refeições e sucos naturais. Quero continuar lendo os artigos de vocês,assim estarei bem enformada .Produtos naturais que qualquer pessoa pode cultivar no patio ou na sacada. Parabéns a equipe.

  9. I 100% agree with you here. It’s as though we still treat fathers of children as sperm donors rather than the partners that they are (or should be). I, too, have been amazed that the global discussion this week centered on women’s responsibilities with little more than a passing mention of the role of the husbands and fathers of children – and more specifically, trusting the fathers to parent just as effectively as the mothers. It’s pretty disrespectful to both women and men, actually.

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