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  1. I love your blog! It’s really great and full of informative advice. I’ve been considering creating one of my own for a couple of months now. The girls are growing so fast! Congrats on the newest one on the way. Now can I subscribe to the blog? Going to go looking for a way to do that now, in case I don’t find it let me know!

  2. LOLА ти не байдужий?Що ти зробив такого,що маєш право тут розповідати хто винний ,а хто ні.ЧИ ти просто більше посрав в коментах?

  3. I had the same problem after loading CWM 5 from the safe install kit I tried this ROM and got the Status 7 error. After that I loaded the latest CWM Zip file from CWM 5, applied zip file. After that, still got Status 7, but after wiping all data and 2 (for some reason it took 2) reboots and applying the update from the external SD rather than Internal (or the other way around, i forget which I was trying first) it worked.

  4. The moment I found Youtube and the earlier people that put their story out there saved my life, Right then I knew I wasn’t alone, I was ok, and more important, that I could do what I knew I had to.Thank you for bluntly and matter a fact putting your story and thoughts out there. You are saving future lives with your openness.You are a pretty fantastic person. I know that you know that, or rather, I know that on screen you know that, whether you do off or not I don’t know, but I hope you do.

  5. Si l’on avait joué “Le soulier de satin” avec l’accent de Claudel, le théâtre comique aurait gagné une nouvelle oeuvre. Rédigé par: Phil | le 25 septembre 2008 à 11:37| Alerter Avec l’accent du marseille ça aurait donné “le souliéé de satang ”il avait quel accent, saint paul claudel? Rédigé par: ramo | le 25 septembre 2008 à 11:46| Alerter Qui a dit :« le soulier de satin, heureusement qu’il a pas mis la paire ».Cocteau, Guitry,Léautaud ?

  6. aku belum pernah manggang dengan microwave Denisa… jadi gak tau persisnya lama waktu panggang dengan microwave. Mungkin di Microwavenya ada petunjuk konversi waktu panggang?

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  8. I was touched by your comments to your parents. Obviously, your humanity is still intact. I hope you hold tight to it. I didn’t write these words, but I thought of them right away when I read your thoughts.“…and you must fight for your heart with all you’ve got, or the devil will surely have it for himself…”You’re fighting for it with all you’ve got. You’re an inspiration. I’m praying that you are released and are reunited with the people who love you.

  9. vez en cuando y no sólo en los quehaceres domesticos… valorar el trabajo de los demás…Aquí sería como han dicho antes….. que los dos trabajaran fueran. En mi caso, practicamente, es compartido.Lo de practicamente, es por los baños… que no hay manera. Pero bue….. mejor no quejarse, visto lo visto. Besos, jubi… a ver si me pongo con lo del video, que tengo un corto, que está muy bien… me pongo a ello.

  10. Mar02Tiina Just boken fysträning för hund har jag inte, ska se till att få tag på den och lusläsa. Så bra att du tränar så med Baileys! Om hunden avlastar ett bakben kan det även peka mot att hunden i stället överbelastar ett framben diagonalt så det är viktigt att känna igenom alla benen. MVH !

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