Ethan VM- New invention proposal

1. Have you ever been standing in a lake and you’re legs are warm but the rest of your body that is out of the water is cold? Have you ever been in the water but you’re torn between staying in the water or going on land to the fire?

2. My invention proposal is a fire pit that can float in water. No one sells and produces this kind of product that would go along in a lake. The price would be expensive as only a group of 10 people would only buy 1 or 2. Practically 100% of all those who like lakes, like a campfire as well… why not both.

3. This addresses the problem as you can still enjoy the water while enjoying the aspects of a fire. This is great for a relaxing night as you can look up at the stars in the water and still have the nice accessibility of a cup-holder and the warmth of a fire as well.



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  1. Sorry Ray, we don’t know anyone there. I am teaching in Goa India each Winter season (it’s hot there), November – March. It’s very inexpensive there, so students can spend a great deal of time training affordably. In a month or two you can have a solid practice that you can do yourself. If you like I can get you the details.

  2. I have taken notice that in video cameras, specialized detectors help to concentrate automatically. Those kind of sensors with some camcorders change in contrast, while others start using a beam of infra-red (IR) light, especially in low lumination. Higher spec cameras oftentimes use a combination of both devices and could have Face Priority AF where the digicam can ‘See’ a face while keeping your focus only on that. Many thanks for sharing your thinking on this web site.

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