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  1. Something like that happened to my little sister a few years back – basically, a short blackout with no warning.They never did figure out what the cause was, and it never recurred, but she didn’t drive for the next six months, just to be on the safe side.So good luck, Ryan, and I’m glad you’re getting some rest. Looking forward to seeing you back here whenever you feel you’re ready to resume blogging.

  2. Hey Lou, glad I found my way here…great info and detail on the job of a lead coordinator…totally makes sense. Selling real estate the traditional ‘old school’ way..doing everything yourself just isn’t working smart. Leads will fall thru the crack cause you just have so many hours in the day. A good salesperson should spend their time doing just that…selling.

  3. . If and when I run across a paywall…I just clear out the cookies (on IE) and head right back. Three seconds inconvenience beats paying for stuff that will show up elsewhere anyway.That being said…I do like the Star and their website. It will be a sad day when it finally goes tits up. Then the paper of record will be TKC.

  4. ROCKSTAR JUST POSTED THIS AS A COMMENT ON THE GTA V TRAILER ON YOUTUBE –Hey guys,While we’re glad there’s so much ongoing enthusiasm and excitement for GTAV, understand that further info and details about the game will come in due time when we are ready to show more.We appreciate the positive excitement, however those of you crossing the line with abusive language and behavior, or calling for a boycott of Rockstar or other nonsense will have your commenting privileges revoked on this channel. Please hang tight and thanks for your patience!CheersRockstar Games

  5. Bem dito, divã e que divina providência que nos salvar não tenha tiques de croquete/maçon nem de bancários/feudais porque o clube já não aguenta outra investida "deles", os que se acham donos deste grande, cada vez menos, clube.

  6. Good day! I just want to give an enormous thumbs up for the good data you’ve gotten here on this post. I can be coming back to your weblog for more soon.

  7. I’m broke and TJ’s is heavenly for weekly shopping. It is so much cheaper than Walmart or Meijer, and it’s also way easier to shop than its sister, Aldi. I don’t get the hate. Do you shop purely local and organic? Because how do you do your weekly shopping with that? How do you not go to a grocery store for anything? Fuck, Whole Foods isn’t even an “enemy” here. Cool it.

  8. You wonder what the economy would look like without the media hype? Can you stick around until January 21? I predict that the headlines will be trumpeting the ‘fact’ that we suddenly have the best economy in the history of the world thanks to the media’s lord and savior – Barack ‘Jesus II’ Obama.

  9. I wonder if they thought there was a reason why businesses didn’t have websites – comparing them to business cards and signs is pretty much irrelevant in my mind. Suspending my disbelief for a minute, there is some limited common ground between websites and accounting packages (at the transaction level) but I fail to see any tight synergy here.A colleague of mine at Telecom had a great term for these types of plays – ‘money sucking playgrounds’

  10. Personally, I think the District at Pinnacle Hills in Rogers would be an amazing location. Easy access, new great roads, and tons of potential for expansion. The area has already been largely cleared and it’s easily accessible from several points. Prime location, ease of access, and work has already been started on clearing the area for development. I think it very easily meets the criteria.

  11. FYI Kodak can’t BK they have far more assets then debt, in fact they have hardly any debt, they own tons of IP, buildings, factories etc. Stock is trading at book. If you look at the flip vido by cisco or googles next move they want to get into hardware, be able to make it, have distribution channels and not create a brand from scratch. Heck Mircrosoft too for that matter. The Apple or HP approach.

  12. Me parece que este tema, es polemico ya que como se sabra, uno puede crear una campaña publicitaria incluyendo adsense, tomando la imagen de otra marca y asi aprovecharse los incautos que no sabe la diferencia. Lo unico que podria solucionar estos problemas es, INFORMACION a los usuarios para que no caigan en manos de entidades como estas que solo buscan su propio fin…Saludos

  13. , IF the crux is oil money, THEN any solution has to address what to do with it, making reference to Uslar Pietri’s theme.Aside from that, you end stating “This is a fundamental reason why…” but you didn’t give a reason. There was no explanation. All you stated were examples of other nations without oil, and made a statement that Venezuela would be worse without oil. Please tell me the *reason* that oil to cash would fail.Frankly, as far as demonstrating critical thinking, your comment fails.–

  14. Oh yes, lots. In 1981 we were at a street party in Catford, which was where we lived but I remember feeling decidedly old (15) and embarrassed being dragged around by my Mum & Dad. I couldn’t wait to go back home.But in 1977 for the Silver Jubilee we were at my Uncle’s place in Derwent St, Greenwich and the whole of Christchurch Way was shut and I loved it. Bunting, tombola, a sense of pride and everyone forgetting their woes for one day.

  15. Our kids are looking for love in all the wrong placesLooking for love in too many facesSearching thier eyes looking for traces forWhat they’re dreaming ofhoping to find a friend and a loverthey’ll bless the day they discoveranother heart-looking for love.lol.. thought I’d sing a little song for you..

  16. Mr. Séduction La fellation reste quoi qu’il arrive un « must » pour les hommes quand s’est bien fait. Après cela n’empêche pas de tester d’autres positions et expériences, mais une chose est sûr : une fille qui maîtrise bien la « fellation » gagne des points pour rendre un homme fou d’elle. 1  0

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