3,855 thoughts on “WTJ – Prototyping in progress

  1. I did the same thing. We announced the gender, but felt that if we announced the name of our babies, it would be up for discussion with anyone and everyone,and the last thing we wanted was to be swayed from our choice. I was very happy that we kept both our babies names a secret. I also though that something had to be a surprise with our kids. I’m so happy that you are keeping his name a surprise. I love how you went about picking it by thinking about how it would sound when announced to hundreds of fans. Miranda´s last [type] ..

  2. Its hard to express appreciation and few do it effectively or as much as they should (me included!) but I’ve found a simple thank you card can go a long way. Its funny, just this week I’ve vowed to write more, so I sent two and never felt better. And the people who received them felt so so loved. All around, best feeling ever! Now if only I had some nicer stationary to make it more personal and classy

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