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  1. M.Ermüdend und anstrengend, nicht wahr. Aber das soll Unterhaltung sein.@ondamarisNe Ulli, da ist mir überhaupt nichts bekannt. Ich habe gerade einmal nach ihm gegoogelt aber nichts gefunden. Bin wohl der Erste der über diesen Titel berichtet. Gibt es da was, was man wissen sollte?

  2. Faire différent …Quoi ca ! Il fait du compost et est végé !!! Bien contente pour toi Myriam ! Moi aussi jvas faire différent la prochaine fois ….Il sera musclé…Aura du respect pour moi ..,sera honnete et vrai…il me fera rire aux éclats…il sera zen et sans dépendances diverses !!!WOW !!!!J’ai hate de faire différent !!!

  3. LOL!!!! Your earlier warning was quite accurate, Shilonda; this surely was a LONG blog! It is good, on a more serious note, that up and coming entrepreneurs can refer to your past experiences, especially on the issue of partnering with someone. It is truly a rude awakening to partner with someone on the assurance of adequate influx of clients and capable handling of workload, to be left ‘holding the bag’ so to speak and having the reputation which you painstakingly built up with your own blood and sweat, being on the line. I myself have been burnt in this regard, and it really wasn’t a pleasant experience.

  4. Europe is ruled by a handful of "Eurocrates" and they are creating another Dynasty. Many Eurocrates marry amongst themselves and have children who in turn come and work in the system. Thus an elitist group is being created and the majority is convinced of what they are doing is the right thing. Since criticism is brushed away they support each others' views and keep on leading closer to the apocalypse.

  5. ah si ! elle a l’air vraiment plus belle la vie à leyre land !comme dirait arnaud montebourg (présidentielles 2007) “le plus gros problème de roland, c’est sa femme mirta !”très gros bisousune journée plus belle à toi, à moi, à eux, à nous , à tous !

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