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  1. Dear DanielI'm portuguese and a great fan of the jewish people and Israel. I have read some of your articles and i do agree with the majority of the ideas espoused mainly the idea Islam it's a treath to the West and a cult of death. However I don't agree with some statments/words trying to insult and taunt the muslims as a whole. I think it's counterproductive and unreasonable. With the exception of that I sincerely wish the best for you and your people.Luis C.

  2. that “War is Deceit”, so only total war without any self-imposed limits will work, where even their “holy places” (both sunni & shia) are razed. King Saul-class mercy where one can say to the hostile media of how proud one is of having the most moral and humanitarian army (even helping the enemy) will simply not cut it.

  3. This is a good point. There are definitely cases, such as those you point out, where the data is already going to be compressed via Zlib or LZMA. For cases where it’s not getting put into a container like these, it’s probably worth compressing it yourself as the article shows.

  4. Neither the ‘existence of Israel’ nor the ‘existence of Jews in Palestine’ provoked terrorism from the Palestinians, you twit! JEWISH TERRORISM, e.g. Stern Gang, Haganah, Irgun, and the ethnic cleansing of Arab villages, coupled with the declaration of Israeli independence well beyond the borders suggested by the UN all culminated to provoke Palestinian terrorism.

  5. Merel: Takk for link – og ikke minst: Tusen, tusen takk for en vidunderlig pakke i posten i dag! Jeg tror det er en av de fineste overraskelsene jeg har fÃ¥tt. :)Og jeg er naturligvis i gang med Ã¥ pønske pÃ¥ et passende dikt. Vet ikke om jeg klarer Ã¥ finne ett innen førstkommende fredag, men da blir det i sÃ¥ fall neste uke. Igjen: Takk! Kjersti:Hahaha, det skulle tatt seg ut! Riktignok kommer jeg til Ã¥ legge inn noen guilty pleasures av og til, men Alphaville? Neppe.

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