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  1. Awesome Sauce. Favorite costume so far. I like the colonial take on it. All the AC goodness now in a tree limbed wilderness? I hope so because that was clean up isle pants worthy. I guess I need to go finish Revelations. I admit that Revelations did NOT grab me. For the simple reason that the beginning part was 3:1 cut scene to play time and that bothers me. AC games are awesome play, and while I appreciate that there is a very awesome story to tell in there, I also want to actually -play- the game.

  2. popieram cię TomekA12,gdyż zazwyczaj najbardziej narzekają ci, którzy nie kupili gry i uważają że się nie opłacaja też jeszcze nie kupiłem gry, ale nie narzekamDo NARZEKAJĄCYCH: NIE DA SIĘ robić WIELE rzeczy NARAZ, w tym przypadku tworzyć NPC oraz zajmować się pająkiem(sory za wielkie litery w słowach, ale tym chciałem podkreślić co narzekający MUSZĄ przeczytać):D

  3. Sweet Smell of Success . . . .CRAFT SHOWSEen korte cursus filmgeschiedenis door Martin ScorseseThe Deir Yassin Remembered BlogThe Emergency Manager Law — What Happens NowThe “Koch Brothers” appear at the protest rally at the Capitol in Lansing1st of two lawsuits challenging Michigan’s Emergency Manager Law dismissedRepublicans a no-show at Emergency Manager forum in Ann Arbor

  4. work is work.it should get better because people will start giving YOU things to do, rather than bombard me. Is that how you spell that? HaHa.i heart dr white. he is uber cool. i just wish that the mass communications department would get their shit together. we have some pretty awesome profs and some really interesting classes, but it makes it hard when things are constantly changing…. eh.

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