mb car

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The car I chose is a jeep wrangler. I decided to ad in a shark in order to make the jeep run better in deep amounts of water as well as the sharp teeth will assist in taking down branches while off roading.

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  1. @Iuliusdzięki!faktycznie trochę zamieszałem, jestem noobem w tych sprawach, a w necie wszystko jest chaotyczne i często nieaktualne.A jak jest ze spłonkami i prochem bezdymnym/ewentualnie z gotową amunicją, tu chyba jest potrzebne pozwolenie i nie ma tak prosto ?

  2. Hi Linda! Thanks for introducing yourself to me yesterday. I love the connectedness of this blog community. I'll tell Karen you stopped by my corner.I love all the things that caught your eye at the NY Gift Show. If I ever make it out east in time, you can be my tour guide! And I'm loving those couefs too!Nia

  3. So she took nicki off her album. Well I’ve always wanted a very low feature album from ciara, so the less the better. Hopefully the track with nicki will be on her re-up album or leaked soon.

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  5. We don’t have that, however we can call for a pickup of things like that! I am putting out 2 old broken TVs soon. I never gave a thought about who may pick it up nor what they may do with it. There are probably parts that may be worth scavenging, but the picture tube is dead. Doesn’t Craig’s list have free giveaway (free) items?

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