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  1. I would recommend the books to you, tree – but you are already SO busy; wait for a time when you have nothing better to do – ha!I will welcome your opinion on my post tomorrow because I’ve been buying natural sweeteners left and right but none really has me singing their praises. There’s got to be something out there, though. Just have to find it!

  2. When I say considering existence I am being more holistic than merely regarding science, I mean how we view the world, ourselves, and our place in the world. Nothing is better equipped than science to understand the mechanisms and nature of natural phenomenon. But, I do not see any merit in the ‘if I can’t stick it in a test tube and poke it, then it is meaningless’ outlook concerning life.  Jonathan  

  3. Great update! I love John more and more with every update. I also think you do a really great job showing us how close Alan is to all of his cousins. The pages give this overwhelming feel of family and connectedness :)Hope all the cons went well!

  4. well Moos, seems there is a similar album by this name & artist on itunes…the tracklisting is the same but doesnt have "mo mfa nye me" on it…rather has 2 additional tracks on it….dont know what the implications are but just wanted u to take note, it is however the ONLY album by Opambuo Internationals there so I guess others by the same group is very welcome…. anyway how about "I Go Die" if u have it?….

  5. Loved many of the Hero Arts Christmas stamps….some Graphics 45 papers…Studio Calico and Basic Gray papers…lots of Tim Holtz stamps and products and etc. There’s just a wonderful amount of inspiring collections from so many fabulous designers and it’s hard to choose. From all I’ve seen it was a feast for the eyes!

  6. I had a feeling the game would live up to it’s marketing. Even though ATLUS stuck their name on it, they have been known for the boobs and sex genre before. It was a major turn off when I saw the pillow with Catherine on it. Record of Argarest War had a similar item and it was a similarly horrible game.However since a bunch of people bought the game and made a record for ATLUS they will only release MORE games like this. Misogyny sells and it seems that everyone is buying. ;_;

  7. These are wonderful! I found them on pinterest and it comes at the best of times as I have been looking for something for my niece’s birthday which is later this month. Now I know what I will be getting/making her! She (and her brother I suspect!) will love this. Thanks for sharing!

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