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  1. This is my favorite thing you’ve written so far. To let people in, really in, is the scariest, bravest and most significant thing we can do as humans. I have very few people I’ve let in that far because of fear. I will love them more fiercely this week. Thanks for the reality check and I’ll be thinking of your family each day.

  2. Thanks for the link, Renee. No, it’s not good news at the moment. The upside is Amazon’s current conditions won’t last forever. I’ve only been paying close attention to these things for a couple months, but Amazon’s already switched their algorithms twice this year and did so two or three times last year as well. Maybe things will get more favorable with the next one.

  3. Sesame Street Beginnings’ products are so child friendly and made with children in mind (that sounds logical,I know, however, so many kid’s things are stupidly made without thought that a child is going to use it!). They are the ideal “beginning” for our kiddies! I’d love the Pink Dots in extra large thanks!

  4. btw ebren, great photo’s, really like the Nou Camp onein it’s yoof this rusty file once spent most of a day, stoned as a bastard, in an empty Olympiastadion, Berlintalk about ghostspeople tell me I still have a faraway, so close look in my eye!

  5. 2010å¹´5月15日下午12:55 匿名:我都覺得林依麗只不過有舖「傻勁」,出了點亂子。白韻婆就唔同,呢個老殘愛情油條毒撚到呢….即刻在 Mic前想同佘繼泉夾口供,話「你睇到黃毓民篤住我個背脊架,你睇到架下嘛」咁撚樣,但佢戇撚鳩,在場一眾侯選人個個睇住雙方無任何身體接觸,連佘繼泉都頂唔撚順白韻婆,唔敢夾口供。( 都無可能夾到吖係咪?)商台就古靈精怪喇,DAB 出錢買時段,電台高層無理由唔知 DAB 乜頭乜路,而謝偉侯闖直播室又當無事發生,絕對有古怪。

  6. Creo que es su hermano, que tambien tenía un pequeñisimo papel en Bloodsport 2. Vaya mierda de enchufe si sólo te puede meter a doblador de cajas!Por cierto si os mola Daniel Bernhardt, precisamente hace un par de días ha salido el trailer de la última de Jason Statham, Parker, en la que Daniel tiene un papelito como uno de los malosos:

  7. I have no idea why people like this film. Nicolas Cage and Jared Leto are terrible. To think they are supposed to be brothers is a joke – oh yeah, and they are Ukranian? Gimme a break.The story is predicatble and boring. The main point of the movie is that gunrunners are bad, they show us they are bad and then hammer it down our throats.I know a lot of people liked this movie, but I as never able to get on board. The ending was okay, but the rest of it was so hokey.

  8. Quote from Benjamin: "Free markets fail when it comes to pollution and some environmental issues."More received wisdom from Benjamin. How many cows do you think are eaten every day in the world? How many tigers? Why are cows not going extinct?The problem is that all governments are corrupt and the idea that you will create one that isn't is fantasy.Who will save the tiger? The person that owns the tiger.

  9. dit :Han mais c’est même pas vrai ! T’étais même pas maquillée comme une voiture volée !Je t’ai pourtant assez dit à quel point je trouvais que ce make up t’allait à merveille grrrrrr C’est vrai ! Mais c’est parce que je n’avais pas l’habitude !

  10. I’ve gotten several packages at century rides, etc. and never even tasted the stuff. The name “GU” looks to much like “goo”. I do see the empty packages frequently by the side of the road, so I guess many bicyclists think the packages are biodegradable like banana skins. What’s the matter with real food?

  11. Outra pro time das que não gostam de secador (tb só no inverno daqui), chapinha e talz. Como você, o aval do corte é em casa, sem truques. Minha mãe sempre tinha uma história de que quanto mais você usa estes produtos|aparatos, mais dependente fica para que os cabelos fiquem bonitos. E eu tenho uma preguiça pra essas coisas…bjocas

  12. Trutanich does appear to be backing off his promise. How many attorneys does the city attorney need to serve the City? I’ll bet the correct answer is a lot less than he currently has.How about Ms. Greuel investigate the expenditure of City money on police and fire department overtime?

  13. Oh, good eye!I spotted the likelihood of eminent domain right off, but I missed adverse possession! And adverse possession has the wonderful side effect of not having to pay market rates. On the other hand, I wonder if the fifth amendment precludes a public entity from using adverse possession?

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