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  1. 22/04/2010 – 10:51pmLo q si esta mas q claro es que Berenquença o como se llame… es uno de los peores arbitros de europa y me sorprende que se le asigne una semifinal de champions… ni los arbitros asiaticos o africanos de antes (con todo respeto) eran tan ilusos (q ironia ¿no?)

  2. I don’t recall this movie but if it stars Jimmy Cagney, it has to be a good one. That guy was one talented actor! Love your comment, “where agents rely more wits than electronic gadgets”. How can a spy remain secret if explosions and general mayhem follow wherever he treads?

  3. Delaware has a tiered system that requires minor by state law to have signs like these. Those who are actually learning to drive get the “Student Driver” placard. Also, after they actually get their license, they change to a “Novice Driver” placard until they turn 18. While probably embarrassing to them, I like it as it makes other surrounding drivers more cautious of them.

  4. Es una novela de amor, una novela romántica con todos los obstáculos que se pueden imaginar, pero terriblemente sensible. No puedo obviar que está hecha para adolescentes, que es una lectura rápida y adictiva y que su calidad literaria deja bastante que desear (aunque no corroboro las palabas de Stephen King sobre la autora).

  5. And just the kind of guy the GOP loves…a liar, a cheat, and someone who uses women. And Ann Coulter is blaming liberals for the release of this story, because “conservatives never indulge in smearing the other side” or some such crap.

  6. Steve, slightly OT but have you ever considered that today's politics might divide according to how people reacted to a single artist in the '70's? For example, my guess is that white non-Obama voters hated Peter Frampton, and vice-versa.

  7. know i’ve been debating about customizing a laptop bag from timbuk2 but i have a dell studio 17 inch laptop, but i dont want the bag to be larger than neccesary. So do you reckon a medium size bag would fit my laptop? The right dimensions make it seem like it would fit. I’m open to anyone’s opinion.

  8. Claudia Barreto comentou em 7 de junho de 2012 às 21:35. amores, make pesado… mas pirei nos roxos, blush e batons; o da Contém 1g foi fácil achar, eu tb queria saber qual o nome da cor do batom da YSL? Bjs

  9. Well if Philip Pullman goes to “hell”, he’ll be a pleasant companion for me and many (if not all) of us! I will certainly enjoy his company…imagine spending “eternity” in conversation with him and so many interesting other folks, such as Ayan Hersi Ali, Salman Rushdie, Nikolas Kazandakis!(pardon my spelling if it is wrong!)

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  11. mijn android netbook is in de winkel voor ongeveer een maand nu. Ik e-mails versturen en ontvangen geen reactie. ik bel en krijg te horen dat zijn nog steeds aan gewerkt. Ik ben zo ziek en moe van het verkrijgen van de run rond van dit bedrijf – had ik dat geweten dat wanneer ik voor het eerst kocht mijn netbook – onnodig te zeggen ik zou van iets anders gekocht. Ik of wil dat mijn netbook vaste of gewoon terugbetalen me mijn geld.

  12. Die Proteste sollten vielleicht etwas weniger populistisch aber stattdessen wieder sachlicher angegangen werden. Wir haben hier eine vielleicht einmalige Chance die Regierung in die Knie zu zwingen und umzustimmen. Das kann man nicht mit Slogans machen sondern durch Fakten und Beharrlichkeit – sonst gehen einem die Unterstützer verloren.

  13. fellow college media blogger Bryan Murley, who oozes innovation over at CICM, first reported and graciously passed my way: Daily Bruin staffers at UCLA are irate about honey bees and an advertisement related to

  14. Another great resource is at the WAPF website, under the Health Topics tab: Children’s Health. My favorite article is #37, “Nourishing a Growing Baby.” It has a really in-depth timeline, along with several good recipes, like grain-free, yolks-only custards, pates, etc. That has been my go-to resource for both of my kids so far, and I’m thinking about printing it out for my next baby.

  15. That dress is the prettiest little bargain ever. You look lovely today, as always. How great getting the lampshades for free.. I actually really like the floral design on them. Hope you enjoy the last of your weekend. x

  16. In deed this system presents no incentives for some voters. Something needs to be done about it. For the time being however, Americans should still appreciate that they have a standing democracy that is admired by many nations across the world.

  17. Ocelárny ILVA? Zpráva o zatčení sedmi jejich top managerů je z července tohoto roku. Od té doby se událo mnoho jiných věcí. Poslední, tragická. je z předvčerejška. Stávkující dělník, který manifestoval na jeřábu firmy, byl smeten větrnou smrští, která postihla Taranto, spolu s jeřábem do moře, kde se utopil.Nebudu psát víc v obavě, že můj příspěvek místní cenzura zase nepropustí, jako mnoho mých jiných, poslední z dnešního rána.Ať žije svobodná informace! Pryč s cenzurou!

  18. Peter Rabe's "The Box." No one wrote like Rabe and his understated style, dense with subtext, takes you deeply into this story of a man found in a crate in the cargo hold of a ship. After his rescue, he has nothing but he immediately sets out to take over the black market of the port city in which he was found. Fascinating stuff.rick at ollerman dot com

  19. NLR, le rapport odeur-langue est si ardu, si peu développé, qu'en effet il faut proposer quelque chose qui accroche, déclenche l'imaginaire. Voilà pourquoi le parti-pris "odeur pure" (puritain) de C. Burr me paraît difficile à tenir. Il y a *toujours* autre chose que l'odeur.

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