1,114 thoughts on “Floor Plan BS

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  2. “If Barack had kept smoking weed and dropped out of Occidental College instead of transferring to Columbia, etc. etc. no one would be questioning his Negro credentials. He’d be another under employed Black man who enjoys pick up games and Kools.” I like that! :)And BTW, I agree with you about black being black. In my post I was merely echoing a common sentiment.

  3. Hi Frantz, when I saw that you had the website I went there, of course, immediately. It seems that we have very similar interests, photography and computer. It’s just a pity that I have come so far that I have made myself a website. I have so much much I could add to the delight of those interested in family. I have also collected quite a lot of old pictures of the family that lived on Earth before us. Maybe you have some old photos.mvhFranciscans at Hemnesberget

  4. My friend, I've just stumbled upon your blog after finishing Graceling (and loving it!) and I have to add that I now have a crush on Po. It's not just Katsa who goes all crazy when he rolls those sleeves up. And how great is a man who can read your mind and know exactly what you want?

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