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  1. Awhile back youtube made some changes to their embedded player, I came to the blog and saw all the negative comments and they fixed the problem the next day. Youtube seems to listen to it's users so I'm hoping this new video player won't last long on the site. And if it does stay hopefully they'll do something to make it so people without widescreen monitors can watch the video without having to make it fullscreen.

  2. Hallo BoraDu schreibst es wieder mal genau auf den Punkt.Oasen, wie ich mich im Moment danach sehne!!! Wir sitzen hier immer noch mit Kranken, nichts läuft so rund wie es sollte…..Ein Untersuch mit der Grössten beim einem Kinder-Cardiologen liegt mir auch noch auf dem “Herzen” (ach wie passend) im Dezember…Wir müssen unsere Oasen geniessen!än schöönä TagSara

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  5. Bom, visto que o sr. estava equivocado (por ignorância) quanto aos motivos da demolição da cidade, e que não consegue ler o texto em inglês que referi, pouco mais posso fazer. Eu apresentei factos, você teimosia.. e analfabetismo:)

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