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  1. I would write him that he is a tragic figure – and his victims too. A desperate man choosing a desperate way of acting and the poor brainwashed young people he killed. Normally they should have been in the same camp, since they belong to the same nation that is now endangered, betrayed and invaded. A giant, cosmic, overwhelming tragedy that we live in every white country in the world: we should feel solidarity in front of our extinction yet we have been brainwashed to hate each other and to hate ourselves, collectively.

  2. Today I see all that from a slightly different angle. Graffiti writers are selfish. Bombing and tagging add chaos to a city. Graffiti writers cause fear. They remind people that not everything, and definitely not their childrens generation, is perfect. Graffiti means: I dont respect you (and your values). I do what I want to do, now.

  3. BT – Clearly Jewish activism has influenced immigration policy in the country, but the Catholics et al have made their own conscious, moral decision to open the flood gates as well.But that decision is due to the ideas and incentives and disincentives put in place by Jewish activism. There is neither empirical nor theoretical support for your supposition of fully independent agency by Christian churches.The PB of the Episcopal Church made her point crystal clear:In anno domini 2008!!!!! Kallen’s “Democracy versus the melting pot” was published in 1915.

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