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  1. Met zijn installatie tot Ere-wachtmeester der Huzaren tiiaultr is Jurgen Bosmans binnen boord gehaald. Hij is mede betrokken bij de camaraderie van de Cavalerie. De cirkel is rond, Jurgen is een van ons.Proficiat aan de initiatiefnemer Dirk van Zuidam.Onze onvolprezen Tijme Bouwers verdient een gedeelde eerste plaats.

  2. First of all, thanks for taking the time to put together these videos. They’re very helpful.I do have an upgrade question, though. When uploading the files for the new version, are there particular files I should NOT let the upgraded files replace? Are there files that, if replaced, will result in resetting my blog to the Hello World default version?One other thing – I don’t see the link to the MySQL backup video you mentioned in this vid. It’s not a big deal, but you mentioned that you’d place it in the notes here. Just FYI.

  3. Burquas today – builders' shorts tomorrow?On second thoughts… burquas can stay. But get of of those builders' shorts, for God's/Allah's/Jehovah's/Flying Spaghetti Monster's sakes!On a slightly more serious note, it appears that NZ First's 2011 intake of MPs are somewhat more… "eccentric" than their 1996 counterparts.Oh well. MMP is supposed to encourage Parliament to be representative. NZ First clearly represents the Looney Constituency in society.With ACT vanishing into the neo-liberal sunset, I guess it was up to NZ First to pick up the Wacko Vote.

  4. They were American citizens in the compound in Waco, TX. There is significant evidence that SF personnel were there and participating. I enlisted in the Marines with a brainwash to fight “domestic and foreign enemies”. The officer tells the obamination line to the sergeant and he tells the troops what and how to take the objective. The few with any sense of how wrong this really is will be restrained, put in the brig. I didn’t vote for the communist thing that occupies the presidency, and I pray that that the ones who did wake up to the path the nation is on.

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