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  1. "I bet every one of Palin's endorsements will win in November, while you knuckleheads sit by running your big no-nothing mouths as if you are political pundits–who make ignorant prediction every time…a monkey knows more than you do. Sorry, didn't mean to use the M-word. But because I have declared myself Cablinasian, I hope Negroes like UTS, and MackLying don't mind."This nigga high yall!!!!

  2. 妊娠中にお姑さんを見送られたとは・・・大変でしたね。現在は大過なく過ごされていらっしゃいますか?御家業の元どうしても多忙かと思われますが、大切なお身体です。どうかご自愛されて下さいね!!私は8年前、34歳の時2番目の子を出産しました。実家があるにはありますが、実母がヒステリー性でちょっとしたことで切れすぐに暴言を吐く為、元から頼る気も無く病院からまっすぐ自宅に帰って来ました。夏休みを挟んでいましたが長男は年長園児、送り迎えも新生児の世話もすべて一人・・・退院してから横になってゆっくり休めたことなど、まったくありません。夫が帰宅すれば出来る限りの手伝いをしてくれましたが、それでも日中は家事育児に追われ通し。辛くなかったと云えば嘘になりますが、気疲れすることなく自分のペースで諸々進められたのでその分気は楽でした。『私が頑張らなくちゃ!!』と脳内が興奮状態にあったのは確かかも知れませんが^^;今思ってもかなりの無理をしたな・・・とは思います。当時は別段体調を崩すことも無かったので『何だ休まなくてもこんなものか、楽勝楽勝』と自分の身体を労わることなく猪突猛進してきましが、これからどんな弊害が出て来るのか正直ヒヤヒヤものです。今までこれと云って問題なく過ごしてこれても、この先どうなるかは分かりませんから・・・。京子さんもご自分の体力を過信せず、産後どんなサービスが利用可能か等、今のうちにリサーチしてみては如何でしょう?お母さんの頑張りも大事、でも一つしかない身体を労わることはもっと大事ですから。どうか無事御出産されますよう、心からお祈りしています!!

  3. jbjd,Your comment to Old Salt on homophobia, shows that your experience is based on an abnormal selection of the US population….I suggest mixing with some normal folk….My experience is that those who hold opinions as you do about homophobia are either sodomites themselves or parents of them…

  4. :their patients and/or to serve consumers viewing this service as a condom to prevent organ transplant rejection, such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes, HIV, syphilis, and trichomoniasis. Before receiving a viagra generic as effective injection. Overdose symptoms may include vomiting, diarrhea, gas, or constipation; mild joint or pain;or tranylcypromine (Parnate) in the newborn, such as ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil), naproxen (Aleve, Naprosyn, Naprelan, Treximet), celecoxib (Celebrex), diclofenac (Arthrotec, Cambia, Cataflam, Voltaren, Flector Patch, Solareze),

  5. Ton site est formidable… une véritable petite source de bohneur culinaire qui me donne une fringale d'ogre à chaque fois que je viens y faire un tour.Je me suis laissé aller pour un renversé (avec des fraises)… pour le plaisir de quelques ventres gourmands. J'adore !!! Merci merci !!!

  6. I know of several Christian women who met their husbands on the internet. I do not believe that there is no accountability when you are dating someone from the internet, they were accountable to other Christian women in their lives. Today’s Christian Woman Magazine had an article on internet dating and it certaintly was not a negative one. You cannot put God in a box, if he leads someone to the internet to date, that is their personal choice and to say it is wrong for everyone is very judgmental!

  7. in RO ne-am obisnuit ca politicienii sa ia unele decizii fara nici cea mai mica rusine. iar indoctrinatii tot ce vor ei sa creada cred. ei vad numai intr-un sens. ca si cu biblia, ca si cu evolutia, ca si cu biserica multi din ei. le pui totul in fata clar si ei nu si nu.

  8. I saw many like that or with a couple short logs under them at Mount Rainier and have yet to publish them all but will get around to it one day. I hope they save the old school and don't let it destruct itself again. How neat that your Father was a teacher. Is he still alive? What did he teach? I know . . . kids. lol What grade level?Drop by and see the bench I did use for today — I have never seen one like it before.

  9. Your weekend recaps always have the best food pictures! Drooling! haha Glad you had a nice weekend! It was COLD here…but I finally watched The Dark Knight Rises haha (Been meaning to do that ever since it came out what, two months ago?) AND bought an entire week’s worth of workout gear since I already used everything I had just last week! Glad you had a good weekend

  10. We have given many good ideas. You just have not taken the time to read them.Impeach all the Republicans first. Then the Democrats. The Republicans are liars and the Democrats Marxists.Impeach the Supreme Court.Abolish the IRS.Sue the banks and end the Federal Reserve.La Rouche is an loser that has done nothing. The IAP has done a tone and is growing.

  11. October 9, 2011 at 15:08Khumbu, you sure do have a very important job – and you do it so well! Beautiful pics – and of course hu-Mum is going to take your pics – you’re just too beautiful not to! That Ibex would’ve scared us, too! Do I see a really fluffy coat on you…? Is your winter coat coming in? Looks beautiful! Thanks for taking us along on your hike! I almost feel like I was there (without the sweat equity)!

  12. I do love zuchinni flowers! Havn't had any ina while. Hmm might have to get some tips from your tempura recipe, am yet to make the perfect and light crisp batter.

  13. PGC,183I just finished frying eggplant for eggplant parmagiana… with homemade gravy/sauce. Used the giant sized San Marzano canned romas from Corrados…we have 2 fig trees…been slow growing this year, one full of ‘em (just not ripe yet) and the other almost none.with a Polish/Irish FIL and a Polish/Italian MIL, this Austrian cooks a freaking wide array of foods. Favorite food to cook though is Southeast Asian. Hence many trips to Kam-Man in East Hanover. :)sl

  14. Sûr Christian qu’il faut trouver un type pour épauler régulièrement Llodra..Cela étant il peut faire le boulot pour encore un bon moment, tant qu’il ne se blessera pas, probablement encore cinq ans sans pbs à moins qu’il ne décide de tout arrêter mais aujourd’hui il gagne plus de fric en double qu’en simple..Le double, ce n’est pas le simple: les 6 joueurs mieux classés que Llodra ont 33 ans (les Bryan), 35 (Zimonjcic), 34 (Mirnyi), 39 (Nestor) et 37 (Bhupati)…A côté, c’est un junior, Mika !!

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