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  1. Les 7 différences sont :- Manque l’ ombre du hérisson- Le bouton d’ attache de la cape de oursonne est vert au lieu de jaune- La trace maron au dessous du nez de super ourson- Le C de super ourson est à l’ envers- L’ ourson avec la cape blanche n’ a pas les 3 petits points marrons sur le museau- Le hérisson n’ a pas la petite tâche blanche sur le nez- Il manque un point blanc sur le noeud rose qui est sur les cheveux de oursonne

  2. Isn’t it funny how community works? I am not much of a “joiner” myself – I just don’t naturally seek out groups, especially when I’m unsettled or anxious. However, sometimes Someone Else thinks that a group just might be what I need and plants the opportunity squarely and almost unavoidably in my path – am so glad you found a group to help you settle after your upsetting neighborhood event.Take care – the green sweater is lovely.

  3. Dear Leesa,YEah, that is a down side to high ceilings.Dear TAIC,You have such an interesting mind. I enjoy how you think.Dear Ian,Yup, two great places for small minds to visit.Dear Sid,You are not alone in feeling that way. There are many who experience large open spaces as dangerous, unsettling, etc. The important thing is to know what works for YOU, my friend.Dear Rose,Some environments can’t be changed, but if we can alter them sometimes we get a health benefit.Dear Raine,Hey, thanks.~Deb

  4. I’m with you! Leave Thanksgiving as a day or family! Although we did go to michael’s and get some great deals on decorations for our tree on Thursday evening. We were headed home and wanted to finish our tree! Our best deals were at midnight at Bath and Body Works, $300 worth of candles and lotions for $80! Yay for candles and gifts!

  5. No, no! I’m not trying to imply that you are. But the “why should I pay to advertise your product” is a dangerous basis for conversation. If you don’t like MM’s stuff that’s one thing but to use the “I’m not going to pay to advertise for them” agruement lacks merit (in my opinion) because we PAY to advertise for other companies all the time. EVERYTHING we use has a logo or brand associated with it. Nike, Jordan, Ford, Buick, Pepsi, Coke, Sharpie, Apple, Microsoft, Polo, you get the point…

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