Squeezer-Evans Yang

Cause: Recently, I was annoyed by some toothpaste-shape things, such as toothpaste obviously, facial cleanser, hair wash, and so on… Last night, I was very tired, and I want to go to bed, and before I go to bed, and I am gonna wash face and clean teeth. When I was trying to squeeze the toothpaste and the face cleanser out of the containers, but actually, It is very hard, because I use these two things for a long time, and the liquid is all place at the end of the container. But the container is so hard that I can not squeeze, and it was a big waste.

Invention: First, I am going to design a hollow cuboid with a Hollow line, it is like a slideway. And the second part, I made a solid cuboid that is almost as big as the part of the hollow part of the holy cuboid, the reason why that I leave a small gap between two objects is because space has to be very small, so it can be able to squeeze.

Impact of the invention: Because I am a lazy person, so I really do not want to push so hard to get that small piece of toothpaste. And I think it is convenient and creative.

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