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  1. So glad my suggestion made it onto the list! Ian’s described the scale of the arched alcoves brilliantly. In the sunshine, it feels like an ancient colonnade, carved out of the pale brick walls. If it were down to me, I’d get rid of the corrugated metal shelter that runs along half the platform to expose the arches in full. But are they ever going to do anything with the disused Thameslink tracks?

  2. Allan Jesalva:Hi Gael! Thanks for your write-up on your Ilocos trip. Me and my friends plan to go there during the four-day weekend this August. Can you recommend a place where we can stay overnight. Somewhere cheap, yet decent. A dorm perhaps?

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  5. Thanks for another great recipe! I make your challah almost every week. It is always great the first night. (I always get compliments when I bring it over to friends on Shabbat.) By Saturday lunch it is already a little stale. I have tried freezing it overnight and that seems to work a little. Do you have any suggestions?

  6. I can have one if the cat sleeps under our bed instead of the dog. She says that the dog goes out and eats roadkill and then comes back stinking like a dumpster full of rotten milk. This is true, unfortunately. So, at least having a cat would keep the smelly dog out of our bedroom.Animals help me get to sleep. Their company works better than a sleeping pill, and that’s why hospitals and nursing homes are seeing the medical benefit of having animals around.

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  10. Movers and packers..did anybody say movers and packers..doesnt matter if it is gati or agarwal or jalan..u do know that they are all the same ,right? I have used 3 different m&p till now and I almost ended in a fist fight with one..the destination was the same though- THE NOrth East,which seems to be like a big Black Hole- vague nebulous,where trucks disappear,along with my precious cartons.

  11. Bambula szerint:Rémlik valakinek a Kóla, puska, sültkrumpli? Amelyben ugye az adta elÅ‘ az egyetlen józan, normális véleményt, akit a legjobban fikáztak az egybites kispolgárok: minÅ‘ véletlen, az illetÅ‘t Marilyn Manson-nak hívták művésznevén…

  12. Thanks for this recipe! I just got a new ice cream maker and was wondering what the first ice cream I make in it should be, and I think this might be a winner. Could you clarify for me, though, if by "fut-fat" milk you mean "full fat"? And what would the American version of "thickened cream" be? Did you just use microwaved popcorn? Thanks for your help!

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  15. Wow, 61 comments! That’s pretty impressive. I have one question regarding #2: why would you want to smoke pot with your ex? Shouldn’t you be focused on having great adventures with new girls? Not to be rude or anything, but if she’s your ex, then maybe you should be thinking about moving on. If I’m way out of line, I apologize!

  16. Sheila – You expressed my thoughts exactly. Although my kids will all be teenagers in another couple of months, I still get melancholy when looking at old photos….those were sweet and memorable times ( and sometimes I wish I could have them back, just for a day!)

  17. Kako, a mí también me encantan las alcachofas. No has probado a hacerlas un poquito al vapor y luego terminas horneándolas y poniéndoles por encima un all i oli casero y luego, ajito frito por encima. Está más rico!!!!Oye, no se hubiera ocurrido hacer una tarta de alcachofas tal cual la has hecho. Me has matao!!!!!! Yo quiero!Un besote

  18. Pior que isso são certas mulheres que se dizem arrasadas porque foram trocadas por homens, preferiam ser trocadas por mulheres. Onde está a diferença, que eu não consigo enxergar? Uma vez comentei isso com uma amiga e ela me disse que minha autoestima deveria ser muito alta, que se fosse com ela teria que ir para o analista… :/

  19. Hallo, Ik ga binnenkort ook beginnen aan een histomine vrij dieet. Heb heel veel last van Netelroos (al bijna 35 jaar). Wil af van die rotmedicijnen.Ben op zoek naar een receptenboekje.Op dit forum wordt soms aangegeven “zie recept”. Zie echter geen recepten staan. Hoop dat jullie me kunnen helpen. Vind het moelijk om aan de hand van een lijst waarop staat wat je niet mag hebben recepten te maken. Alvast bedankt voor jullie reactie.Petra.

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  21. Sarah Ahn · Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have forwarded this awesome top 10 to all of my family and Korean friends. As a 1st generation Korean mom it’s hard to impart what it means to be Korean to my half Korean kids but these books sure do help. My kids love Bee-Bim Bop and I love the recipe for yummy bibambap at the end of the book!

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